St. Barnabas Church is part of the North Wingfield Team Ministry

This consists of 5 churches: St. Lawrence, North Wingfield, St. Bartholomews, Clay Cross, St.Mary's, Pilsley and St. John's, Tupton.  All the churches are committed to the New Wine visions and values. There are some aspects of ministry which are best done within a community by the local church and some aspects are best done as a team. We actively seek opportunities to work together.

St Barnabas Centre was opened in November 2007

It is a modern purpose built community hub and church. The Centre was built upon the site of the Victorian-built church.A number of original features where incorporated into the new building, including an original stained glass window depicting Saint Barnabas and a font which is now located in the peace garden. Two new stained glass windows were commissioned by the congregation and designed by David Pilkington.

The St Barnabas Centre's aim is to allow the local community to flourish by providing a modern state of the art venue.

The Centre houses St Barnabas Church and St Barnabas Nursery as well as being home to many local community groups including the Darby and Joan Club and Danesmoor Youth Club. The Centre is used by the community for birthday parties, functions, weddings, meetings and conferences.

Mission Statement


Well it's December how fast has that come around, this month always seems to be too busy and everywhere you go everything becomes busier, there are more people in every shop and everyone is more stressed, just doing a normal weekly shop can be stressful, even finding a parking space, when it shouldn't be, because we are God's children, it should be peaceful and filled with joy, the first Christmas was simple, no fancy dinner, no ridiculous amount of presents, it was a few people celebrating the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus, Christmas has got more and more commercialized people are wanting bigger and bigger things for Christmas, and a lot of people go into debt this time of year, the trouble is it takes a year or more to pay it all off and then they start again, it's lost what it's really about, Christmas doesn't have to be like that it's about Jesus, family and friends, we need his peace, joy and love, I would say before you go in any busy shop pray for peace, as you are shopping pray for those around you to have the inner peace of God, when your in a cafe look for the people sitting alone, some may want to be alone but some won't, sit with them, when it's icy check on your older neighbours they may want a pint of milk, but be too scared to walk to the shop. In the hustle and bustle be the peace and calm, help people see that in you, help them understand Christmas is about recognising Jesus birth and what that actually means for us what he did for us. May God bless you and grant you joy and peace.


Wishing you a very happy christmas and new year.


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St.Barnabas Church is part of the Church of England and is in the North Wingfield Team Ministry. Read More

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We meet every Sunday for worship at 5pm in the church at the St Barnabas Centre. Meetings are generally very informal as we explore faith by discussion. Read More

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Wednesday evening 7pm - 9pm House group with bible study and prayer. Read More

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