St. Barnabas Church is part of the North Wingfield Team Ministry

This consists of 5 churches: St. Lawrence, North Wingfield, St. Bartholomew's, Clay Cross, St. Mary's, Pilsley and St. John's, Tupton.  All the churches are committed to the New Wine visions and values. There are some aspects of ministry which are best done within a community by the local church and some aspects are best done as a team. We actively seek opportunities to work together.

St Barnabas Centre was opened in November 2007

It is a modern purpose built community hub and church. The Centre was built upon the site of the Victorian-built church. A number of original features where incorporated into the new building, including an original stained glass window depicting Saint Barnabas and a font which is now located in the peace garden. Two new stained glass windows were commissioned by the congregation and designed by David Pilkington.

The St Barnabas Centre's aim is to allow the local community to flourish by providing a modern state of the art venue.

The Centre houses St Barnabas Church and St Barnabas Nursery as well as being home to many local community groups including the Darby and Joan Club and Danesmoor Youth Club. The Centre is used by the community for birthday parties, functions, weddings, meetings and conferences.

Mission Statement

2024 May  - Armour

Ephesians 6 is all about the armour of God, first the belt of truth: how do we discern truth? reading our bibles and getting to know God's word, prayerfully listening, His truth is unchanging and constantly being revealed to us, if it doesn't feel right, look to God, what is He showing you? When the tomb was opened the first people Jesus appeared to where His enemies, the nasty roman soldiers who where absolutely terrified, then the women, who weren't believed however both told the truth, one group had to hide it, the other group kept pushing to be believed, when it's God's truth you will have the strength to keep pushing forward or pushing away. What is God showing you, that you know isn't right?

Next is the breastplate of righteousness: The only way for us to be righteous is to be covered in Jesus' righteousness. We have to daily choose to remember that Jesus alone makes us worthy of God's unending love. For our struggles are not against this world, Jesus has defeated the enemy, the enemy does not like it, but being filled with the Holy Spirit, putting on the armour of God, being filled with His word and God will guide us through. The shoes of peace: we have God's peace, which for us is nothing like normal human relaxing peace, God's peace is within us, a different level of peace, throughout any situation an inner peace that only God can give us, He is with us every minute of every day, He wants us to be filled with His Peace and Joy, no matter what we face in life, we can have God's peace as we go through it. That doesn't mean things will be easy but we can have inner peace throughout it all. Ask God to fill you with his Peace that passes our understanding.

The shield of faith: what good is a shield if you never get it out and use it, you have to clean it up, depending what a shield is made from you might polish it and treat it, or it could rot, go dull, or warp, but if you regularly get it out and inspect it, it's always ready for use, so what is our shield, it's faith, trusting in God, He deflects things we never know about, and some that we do, faith helps us stand our ground and move forward, we have the one who fights with us and for us, all we have to do is ask and believe, read God's living word to build up the layers on your shield.

The helmet of salvation: covers our head inside and out, we have to get God's word inside our heads, not just by reading it, we have to study, God's word is a living word and because it is, it's as relevant today for us as it was, when it was written. You can read the same passage and get something different from it every time you read it, and you can read it to someone else and they get something totally different, but each person gets what they need God to show them at that moment. God is amazing. Protect yourself immerse yourself in God's word today, tomorrow and everyday. The sword of the Spirit: the final piece of armour the only offensive and defensive piece as the others are all defensive, the sword is the word of God, now the enemy also knows the word of God, it’s just twisted, used out of context and not from God, when you are full of God's Spirit he will let you know its not right, go and check His word, we are not fighting against each other, flesh and blood but an Unseen enemy, that Jesus has already defeated, we need Spiritual weapons to fight a spiritual battle, that's why we need to dress in the armour of God everyday, to be ready for whatever comes our way. God is for us none can be against us the battle has already been won, but the enemy will keep trying to get you back, but we are God's, put on His armour. Putting all the armour on everyday, because we have to physically guard ourselves everyday, the enemy doesn't like it that we are God's and he wants us back, so he will be underhanded, lie, cheat, make you question yourself, that's what he does, but with God's armour we can stand firm, as God is for us, none can be against us, God has already defeated the enemy, We have His authority, do you know that? If not that's why it's important to know God's word. Worship, pray and read, but also listen, God speaks in ways you don't expect.

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We meet every Sunday for worship at 5pm in the church at the St Barnabas Centre. Meetings are generally very informal as we explore faith by discussion. Read More

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Wednesday evening 7pm - 9pm House group with bible study and prayer. Read More

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